Ukravtozapchastyna LLC was founded in 1995 and holds leading positions in the markets of tractors, agricultural and specialized machinery, mototechnics, spare parts, batteries, tires, wheels, lubricants, service and repair materials.

The company's product catalog has more than 42,000 items. There are about 50 dealer agreements with leading manufacturers of Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, China.

Ukravtozapchastyna network consists of 45 branches that are working on the wholesale and retail principle bases also providing tractors and agricultural machinery warranty service.

During the years, our buyers became the enterprises and organizations of various branches: agricultural producers and farms, auto shops, service stations and logistic enterprises, enterprises of wholesale and retail trade, state and communal enterprises. The client base of Ukravtozapchastyna LLC is more than 120 000 corporate customers all over Ukraine.

Ukravtozapchastyna head office is located in Kyiv and includes an interregional warehouse complex with a total area of 20,000 sq.m., unified automated system of goods accounting and quality control that are delivered to the warehouse.

Ukravtozapchastyna includes a production plant of MTZ tractors under the "Minsk Tractor Plant" license. There were established 45 tractors and special machinery modifications on their basis. For tractors manufacturing we created our own TM "KYI".

For the high quality and competitiveness of the products, Ukravtozapchastyna LLC was awarded the Distinguished Product and Service Quality Awards: "Highest Sample", "European Quality" and "Best Product of the Year". The company was recognized as the winner of the national rating competition "Best Enterprises of Ukraine" in the nomination of mechanical engineering, became the "Leader of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine", "Industry leader" and was recognized as the nominee of the nationwide project "Ukraine transport".

Ukravtozapchastyna offers to the consumer a quality product, available in all regions of Ukraine with its guarantee and service.

Contact information

1-A, 1st May st. Kyiv,
02088, Ukraine

tel: +38 050 418 26 94 (Viber, WhatsApp)

For more information, please, contact us via e-mail:

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